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Posties Caravans: Servicing Chainsaws for Moree, Inverell, and Armidale

You start up your chainsaw one day to cut up a tree that has fallen in your backyard, only to find that it won’t start. Alternatively, maybe the chainsaw does start, but gives you a hard time as you try to cut into the wood. The saw won’t stop rattling and bouncing while you are cutting, making it difficult to get a stable, straight cut.

Either one of these issues could be a sign that your chainsaw needs maintenance or repairs. At Posties Caravans, we are happy to help. We service chainsaws near Moree,Inverell, and Armidale, serving members of these communities from our store location in Inverell. If you need help with your chainsaw, feel free to bring it to our shop. We service all brands of products and are happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having.

What’s Wrong with My Chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be finicky pieces of equipment. Especially if you only use your chainsaw infrequently—for instance, if a tree falls in your yard and you need to cut it up—it can be difficult to keep a finger on the pulse of the saw’s overall health. Similar to any other piece of equipment, chainsaws need regular maintenance to retain consistent, reliable operation. If you aren’t keeping up with the maintenance, or using the chainsaw very often, you might run into an issue where the saw stops working the way it should.

If you are looking for help with your chainsaws in Inverell or near Moree, Posties Caravans can help. There are a few of the common chainsaw issues we will check for when we inspect your equipment. If the chainsaw doesn’t start, the culprit might be a defective or worn out spark plug. It could also be a clogged carburettor. The latter issue is especially common for chainsaws that have been left unused for a long time. If you put your chainsaw on a shelf for six months but don’t drain the fuel, then a lot of the liquid in the fuel will evaporate. This process will leave behind a sticky almost tar-like substance, which will clog your carburettor and make it impossible for the engine to start.

If you can start your saw but can’t get it to make a smooth, stable cut, the issue probably has to do with the chain itself. Like any other kind of blade, the chain on your chainsaw can become dull over time. At Posties Caravans, we can sharpen the chain to ensure better, safer performance.

Other problems might include incorrect fluid levels and ratios, clogged air filters or improper chain tension. We will perform a thorough inspection of your chainsaw to identify and fix the root problem.

Buy Chainsaws in Armidale, Inverell, or Moree

In rare cases, your chainsaw may prove to be beyond help. In such a situation, though, Posties Caravans can still help. We sell power equipment—including chainsaws—in Inverell, Moree, and Armidale and can hook you up with a strong replacement for your old saw. Just remember to bring the saw in occasionally, for routine maintenance.

To learn more about Posties Caravans and our chainsaw servicing, get in touch today.

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