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Posties Caravans Services and Repairs Chainsaws Around Guyra, Ashford, and Inverell

Posties Caravans is your one stop shop for all your caravan, boat, and power equipment needs. We provide small engine services for lawnmowers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers to all our neighbours in Inverell, Ashford, Guyra, and the surrounding areas. We maintain and repair all brands of power equipment, and you can view our complete listing of small engine services here. so for all your chainsaw needs come in see us or call

One piece of equipment we will keep running at peak performance is your chainsaw. Chainsaws make quick work of tree and brush removal jobs and are an invaluable piece of equipment for homeowners. We will keep everything functioning correctly to ensure your chainsaw is ready and to safe to use whenever you need it.

Chainsaws and Safety Tips for Guyra

Proper maintenance is only one step in chainsaw safety, so we want to remind you of a few things when using your chainsaw. Before you start check the chain for sharpness and the correct tension and be sure the handles are secure. Top up the fuel and chain oil reservoirs and move away from the fuelling area and engage the chain brake before attempting to start your chainsaw. Always start it on the ground or other stable surface and never use the drop start method.

Inspect the tree to be cut for metal such as nails or old fencing because they can cause your saw to kick back toward you. Engage the chain brake or shut the machine off completely when carrying it along uneven ground. While cutting be careful, the branch doesn’t bind your chainsaw or is under tension which can cause it to snap back toward you.

Personal protective equipment should be worn when using your chainsaw such as hearing and eye protection. Leather outerwear provides extra protection from flying debris and kickback, and you want to avoid loose-fitting clothing. Boots with rugged tread prevents slipping, and they should have protective toe caps.

One of the most important safety measures is to have a plan if something goes wrong. Using a chainsaw with a partner not only gives you an extra pair of eyes and hands but also gives someone to call for help. When alone always have a cell phone and first aid kit close.

Chainsaws in Ashford

We would be happy to sharpen your chain for you but here are some tips you’ll need to complete the job yourself. First, you need to secure your chainsaw and engage the chain brake. Using a round file with dimensions specified by the manual, sharpen the cutting teeth by using smooth and even pushing strokes at a right angle. Cutting teeth alternate so you will sharpen every other one until you finished the length of the chain at which point you turn your saw around and do the other teeth.

If you need any other power equipment services or repairs in Guyra or Ashford, contact our shop in Inverell. Our qualified mechanics are happy to talk to you about keeping your chainsaw and other power equipment running smoothly. Once you try our services, you will be coming back for all your small engine needs.

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