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Check the Boxes on Your Seasonal Boat Maintenance Checklist in Armidale, Moree, or Ashford

Has your boat been in storage for the colder months? Are you ready to dust off the vessel and get it back in the water for another summer season of fun. Before you launch your boat for the season, it’s a good idea to work through a basic maintenance checklist. Routine maintenance on your boat will ensure a stronger performance all season long. With a properly maintained boat, you’re less likely to deal with any breakdowns during the summer. You won’t want to get those problems fixed in the middle of the season when they could cost you a few great boating days. Instead, take your vessel in for boat maintenance near Armidale today.

Posties Caravans: Your Destination for Boat Maintenance Near Moree, Ashford, or Armidale

If you are looking for boat maintenance near Ashford, Armidale, or Moree, look no further than Posties Caravans. Serving boat owners like you from our location in Inverell NSW. We are qualified to help you get your vessel ready for the summer season. Our team has more than 31 years of combined experience, as well as knowledge about popular boat brands such as Tohatsu, Clark Aluminium Boats, Dunbier, and many more. We are the right people to help you check the boxes on your boat maintenance checklist.

At the beginning of a new boating season. There are things on your vessel that you should always make a point of checking. Inspecting the fuel system, for instance, is a must. You want to look for signs of leaks, identify issues with fuel hoses, and check the engine. Other items on your checklist. Cables and hoses, electric system, fluid levels, propellers and hull. You should also check all the safety equipment you have on board—from life jackets to fire extinguishers—to make sure you are ready for any emergencies that might unfold out on the water.

At Posties Caravans, we can help you work through your maintenance checklist. If any issues need attention or repairs, we can do that, too. Our goal is to get you back on the water and ensure some good longevity for the performance of your vessel. We don’t just replace parts haphazardly and call it good. Instead, we take our time to identify the problem at the root of every repair. We want to fix the problem so that it doesn’t recur in the future.

So far, our business model and mission statement seem to be resonating with customers. Since we opened our doors five years ago, as a boat maintenance business servicing. Moree, Armidale, and Ashford, Inverell, tingha, Glen Innes and more. We have had many repeat customers. Some local boat owners bring their vessels in every year, trusting us to get their boats summertime ready. We think the strength and longevity of these relationships say something about the quality of our work and the friendly service we provide.

Bring Your Boat to Posties for an Annual Maintenance Check

Don’t risk taking a boat out on the water until after it’s had an annual maintenance service. Especially when you get your boat out of storage after the winter. At Posties Caravans, we can get everything ready for a season of reliable water cruises. Give us a call today to learn more about our boat maintenance services near Armidale, Moree, or Ashford.

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