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Posties Caravans for Campervan and Caravan Insurance Repair Service in Ashford

Posties Caravans have been providing campervan and caravan repair and insurance services in the Ashford area for four years. Our staff has over 31 years of combined experience, so you know your repairs will be done right the first time. Our goal is to get you enjoying your caravan quickly and at reasonable prices. We also service and repair small engines and boats, and our mechanics are knowledgeable in all brands. We invite you to read through our complete list of services to see how we can help you.

Enjoy Life with a Campervan or Caravan

We understand the joy you get out of camping. So you can trust us to get your servicing done right. Get you back on the road and into the woods. Your campervan gives you the best of both worlds because you travel, enjoy nature, and see the sights while you have many of the comforts of home with you.

Your caravan gives your family time to enjoy each other without a hectic schedule or technology to get in the way. Exploring the country in a campervan gives your family time to bond without distractions. Family members reconnect by exploring new campgrounds, playing games, fishing, building a fire, and stargazing.

Camping is great for your health in several ways. That is why we strive to get your caravan repair service done promptly. Firstly, it helps reset your natural sleep cycle by allowing you to be active with the sun and settled down at night. Secondly, you exercise more, but you hardly notice because you are having fun hiking or gathering firewood. The increase in physical activity, oxygen, and sunlight increases your serotonin levels which makes you feel happy.

By getting your campervan servicing done we give you your freedom back. Your campervan gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want without the hassle of booking hotels, flights, or dinner reservations. You don’t deal with lost luggage or car hire because you have all you need with you all the time.

Campervan Servicing in Ashford

We strive to provide your caravan and campervan repairs and servicing quickly and affordably, so you can reap the benefits of camping. You can prevent issues from ruining your plans by setting a schedule of regular maintenance. We’ll provide upkeep such as oil changes, and we can inspect belts, tyres, brakes and such to stay a step ahead of potential problems.

If a problem does arise our qualified mechanics will assess the cause and will fix it right the first time. We don’t just replace parts, but we get to the root of the issue. We also provide caravan insurance services to relieve you of worry about claims for weather damage.

Contact Posties Caravans for all your caravan insurance service and repair work in Ashford and don’t miss a minute of enjoyment. Once you have experienced working with our qualified and skilled mechanics, you know you found yourself reliable and honest repair service. Posties out doors

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