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Keywords: Caravan service Moree, Moree caravan repairs, caravan service Moree, caravan insurance claims Moree.Get Campervan Repair Service for Caravan Insurance Claims in Moree; Call Posties Caravans Today .When you spend months at a time on the road, exploring Australia’s highways and campgrounds in your caravan, you need to be able to rely on that vehicle wholeheartedly. On-the-road breakdowns can leave you stranded, without recourse to get where you need to go. They can also leave you a long way from a qualified repair technician—or at least a long way from a qualified technician that will offer you a reasonable price. Before you roll out and hit the road, make sure you visit Posties Caravans for a caravan service in Moree.

Posties Caravans: We Fix the Problem, Not Just the Parts

Perhaps you have a specific issue you need to have fixed on your campervan before you head out for your next adventure. The brakes might need attention, or you might need new wheel bearings to stay safe on the road. You might also just want a checkup of sorts for your caravan, to make sure it’s ready for months of heavy use. It’s never a bad idea to check the air conditioning and plumbing before you go, to make sure there are no problems brewing without your knowledge.

At Posties Caravans, we are qualified to perform both Moree caravan repairs and routine campervan servicing. Our team brings a combined 31 years of experience to the table. We know caravans well and can service all models, and brands.

When you take your caravan in for a campervan service in Moree, you want to make sure that you get a repair-focused service. Sometimes, you will tell the repair technician that your brakes are acting up and he’ll just replace the brake pads, without taking a closer look to see if there is another issue at work. At Posties Caravans, we take the time to scrutinise your caravan and identify any problems at hand. We want to know what the problem is, what is causing it and how to repair it so that it won’t recur during your travels.

Our caravan services in Moree don’t just revolve around replacing parts and hoping for the best. Instead, when you come to us for a repair or service, we make sure you are getting a fix that will indeed address the problem. With us, you don’t end up paying for ineffectual repairs. Instead, you get a fair price for a service that accomplishes something. It’s a bargain that doesn’t require you to compromise your standards.

Make Caravan Insurance Claims in Moree


In addition to Moree caravan repairs, Posties Caravans can also help you make caravan insurance claims or get warranty work done on your camper. If you’ve submitted a caravan insurance claim for water damage or hail damage to your caravan, we can handle the repairs, working with your insurance company to make sure everything is by the book. If you have a warranty on specific brands of caravans—such as Mars or New Age—we can help with that, too.

Are you interested in learning more about our campervan repairs or caravan insurance claims in Moree? Reach out today to find out more.

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Get Caravan Insurance Repairs or Campervan Warranty Maintenance in Armidale


Making an insurance or warranty claim for your caravan is a pain. You must do paperwork, speak with adjustors, get repair estimates from experts, perhaps snap a few photos of the broken parts or components. It’s no surprise that many caravan owners end up putting off the claim process. Unfortunately, putting things off won’t help. On the contrary, if you wait long enough, your window to make a claim might even expire. Instead, you need to be vigilant about finding someone that can do caravan repairs in Armidale and is willing to work with insurance companies or warranty providers.

Choose Posties Caravans for Your Campervan Maintenance and Repair in Armidale


If you are looking for a caravan insurance service in Armidale, look no further than Posties Caravans. We frequently work with clients and their insurance companies or warranty providers to get repairs done. We are experienced in dealing with these third parties. We know how to communicate and negotiate with them, to make sure your repairs are covered under the terms of your insurance policy or warranty coverage.

The last thing you want to do is to go into a repair thinking that your warranty or insurance will cover it, only to get an unexpectedly large bill at the end of the process. At Posties Caravans, we keep our customers updated throughout the repair process, to avoid just such a scenario. If your warranty is expired or only covers specific parts of a repair, we will let you know. If your insurance policy will cover most of your repair, but has a deductible, we will notify you about how much you will need to pay out of pocket. By staying in contact consistently throughout the repair timeline, we make it easier for you to budget for repairs or decide whether to approve a service or not.

Simply put, caravan insurance and warranty matters are often frustrating for all involved parties. At Posties Caravans, with our caravan repair services in Armidale, we try to make the entire process just a little bit easier. In doing so, we help campervan owners get what they are due by insurance companies or caravan brands.


Make Your Claim Today


If you are dealing with rain, hail, water, or collision damage, caravan insurance may at least partially cover your repairs. If you are having problems with your campervan’s brakes, plumbing or other components, it’s worth checking your warranty to see if you are still covered by the manufacturer.

If you can make a claim, we encourage you to do so ASAP. Our team at Posties Caravans is standing by to provide caravan insurance or warranty service in Armidale. We are willing to work with most insurance providers and do warranty work for brands such as New Age, Millard, Supreme, Leader, and Mars.

To find out if we can address your warranty or insurance issue with quality campervan maintenance and repair in Armidale, give us a call today.

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Posties Caravans for Campervan and Caravan Insurance Repair Service in Ashford

Posties Caravans have been providing campervan and caravan repair and insurance services in the Ashford area for four years. Our staff has over 32 years of combined experience, so you know your repairs will be done right the first time. Our goal is to get you enjoying your caravan quickly and at reasonable prices. We also service and repair small engines and boats, and our mechanics are knowledgeable in all brands. We invite you to read through our complete list of services to see how we can help you.

Enjoy Life with a Campervan or Caravan

We understand the joy you get out of camping so you can trust us to get your campervan servicing done right to get you back on the road and into the woods. Your campervan gives you the best of both worlds because you travel, enjoy nature, and see the sights while you have many of the comforts of home with you.

Your caravan gives your family time to enjoy each other without a hectic schedule or technology to get in the way. Exploring the country in a campervan gives your family time to bond without distractions. Family members reconnect by exploring new campgrounds, playing games, fishing, building a fire, and stargazing.

Camping is great for your health in several ways that’s why we strive to get your caravan repair service done promptly. Firstly, it helps reset your natural sleep cycle by allowing you to be active with the sun and settled down at night. Secondly, you exercise more, but you hardly notice because you are having fun hiking or gathering firewood. The increase in physical activity, oxygen, and sunlight increases your serotonin levels which makes you feel happy.

By getting your campervan servicing done we give you your freedom back. Your campervan gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want without the hassle of booking hotels, flights, or dinner reservations. You don’t deal with lost luggage or car hire because you have all you need with you all the time.

Campervan Servicing in Ashford

We strive to provide your caravan and campervan repairs and servicing quickly and affordably, so you can reap the benefits of camping. You can prevent issues from ruining your plans by setting a schedule of regular maintenance. We’ll provide upkeep such as oil changes, and we can inspect belts, tyres, brakes and such to stay a step ahead of potential problems.

If a problem does arise our qualified mechanics will assess the cause and will fix it right the first time. We don’t just replace parts, but we get to the root of the issue. We also provide caravan insurance services to relieve you of worry about claims for weather damage.

Contact Posties Caravans for all your caravan insurance service and repair work in Ashford and don’t miss a minute of enjoyment. Once you have experienced working with our qualified and skilled mechanics, you know you found yourself reliable and honest repair service.

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Posties Caravans for Campervan and Caravan Insurance Service, Maintenance, and Repair in Narrabri


Posties Caravans have skilled and honest mechanics to keep you enjoying your campervan for years. We provide caravan insurance service and maintenance to our neighbours in Narrabri. In addition to campervans and caravans, our knowledgeable staff can repair and service any brand of power equipment and boats as well.

Narrabri Caravan Maintenance and Repair

Regular caravan maintenance can help you avoid repair service. We can provide prevention for your campervan, but there are some things you can do yourself. For example, you can lubricate doors, hinges, and sliders with a dry silicone lubricant. It will keep everything moving freely while keeping dirt from collecting in sprayed areas.

While you are lubricating the moving parts, bring a screwdriver to tighten the parts that shouldn’t be moving. Driving jiggles and shakes your campervan and causes the screws to loosen so occasionally take a tour through it and tighten them again.

When you are giving the hinges and screws a go-over; inspect the seams throughout your caravan. The most critical area is the roof because water is most likely to enter here. Water creates most of the non-mechanical damage in caravans thus these inspections can prevent a big headache later.

Keep your tyres inflated to the recommended pressure because improper inflation wears tires unevenly and burns more fuel. Inspect the lug nuts and have a torque wrench on hand to make sure your lugs are adequately tightened. If you are unsure how to use a torque wrench our mechanics will be happy to show you.

If your caravan sits idle for a while, you will want to run the systems periodically. Even if you are on full hook-up, you should run the generator and the water pump each month. When you exercise the systems each month, you can also check the electrical system to be sure you have the right voltage for optimal and safe use.

The undercarriage should occasionally be examined to see if there is corrosion or broken components that could leave you stranded. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, we can check on all these and provide other caravan maintenance for you because upkeep can save you time and money later. You know the adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Caravan Insurance Service in Narrabri

Mother nature can take a toll on your campervan so chances are good that you may need insurance service at some point. Whether it is hail, wind, or water damage we can handle all your caravan insurance service needs. We also provide warranty services for a vast array of caravan brands as well. Why not explore all the caravan services our qualified mechanics offer?

We want to be your full-service caravan maintenance and repair business in the Narrabri area. We pride ourselves on providing quality work at affordable prices to keep our customers returning. Contact Posties Caravan, and you can talk to one of our knowledgeable team members to discuss regular caravan maintenance and repair service.

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Posties Caravans Services and Repairs Chainsaws Around Guyra, Ashford, and Inverell


Posties Caravans is your one stop shop for all your caravan, boat, and power equipment needs. We provide small engine services for lawnmowers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers to all our neighbours in Inverell, Ashford, Guyra, and the surrounding areas. We maintain and repair all brands of power equipment, and you can view our complete listing of small engine services here.

One piece of equipment we will keep running at peak performance is your chainsaw. Chainsaws make quick work of tree and brush removal jobs and are an invaluable piece of equipment for homeowners. We will keep everything functioning correctly to ensure your chainsaw is ready and to safe to use whenever you need it.


Chainsaws and Safety Tips for Guyra

Proper maintenance is only one step in chainsaw safety, so we want to remind you of a few things when using your chainsaw. Before you start check the chain for sharpness and the correct tension and be sure the handles are secure. Top up the fuel and chain oil reservoirs and move away from the fuelling area and engage the chain brake before attempting to start your chainsaw. Always start it on the ground or other stable surface and never use the drop start method.

Inspect the tree to be cut for metal such as nails or old fencing because they can cause your saw to kick back toward you. Engage the chain brake or shut the machine off completely when carrying it along uneven ground. While cutting be careful, the branch doesn’t bind your chainsaw or is under tension which can cause it to snap back toward you.

Personal protective equipment should be worn when using your chainsaw such as hearing and eye protection. Leather outerwear provides extra protection from flying debris and kickback, and you want to avoid loose-fitting clothing. Boots with rugged tread prevents slipping, and they should have protective toe caps.

One of the most important safety measures is to have a plan if something goes wrong. Using a chainsaw with a partner not only gives you an extra pair of eyes and hands but also gives someone to call for help. When alone always have a cell phone and first aid kit close.

Chainsaws in Ashford


We would be happy to sharpen your chain for you but here are some tips you’ll need to complete the job yourself. First, you need to secure your chainsaw and engage the chain brake. Using a round file with dimensions specified by the manual, sharpen the cutting teeth by using smooth and even pushing strokes at a right angle. Cutting teeth alternate so you will sharpen every other one until you finished the length of the chain at which point you turn your saw around and do the other teeth.

If you need any other power equipment services or repairs in Guyra or Ashford, contact our shop in Inverell. Our qualified mechanics are happy to talk to you about keeping your chainsaw and other power equipment running smoothly. Once you try our services, you will be coming back for all your small engine needs.

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Looking for Lawnmowers in Glen Innes, Ashford, or Inverell? Here are Some Useful Shopping Tips


The land your home sits on is just as important as the building itself when it comes to making a good impression on your neighbours and staying presentable. For that reason, you’ll have to be mindful of the grass in your yard. Is your lawn looking prim and trim, or has it become overgrown and unpleasant to behold? If it has, you may want to consider giving the grass a quick cut. However, those of you who have neglected your lawn for some time may find yourselves in need of a new lawnmower before you can undertake such a task. For that reason, it’s worth knowing where to buy high-quality lawnmowers near Glen Innes, Ashford, or Inverell.

Find Lawnmowers Near Glen Innes, Inverell or Ashford When You Follow These Steps

Searching for lawnmowers in the Ashford, Inverell or Glen Innes areas can be difficult if you are unaware of your options. After all, there are plenty of businesses out there whose representatives will offer to sell you a mower, but how can you be sure that you are purchasing one that will provide you with value for your money? There are several ways to identify a trustworthy seller when you set out to buy a new lawnmower. Bear the following criteria in mind during your search, and you should find it much easier to purchase what you need:

  • Look for a company that carries a variety of lawn mowing products. Are you looking for a push mower, a power mower, or a mower that you can sit on and ride?
  • Choose a business that also offers spare parts and maintenance for all the products they sell. If your mower requires a tune-up or a replacement component, you should be able to go back to the place you purchased it and find what you need.
  • Go to a company whose staff have plenty of experience working with such tools. The more they know about the products they offer, the more help you will receive in choosing a product that can do everything you require.
  • Find professionals who approach their work with a positive attitude and who are always respectful to their clients. Friendliness will demonstrate that they care about your experience, which means you will be able to trust them to do their best work whenever you bring your mower back for maintenance or repairs.

Choose Posties Caravans

Posties Caravans is a business you can trust whenever you are in the market for new lawnmowers near Inverell, Glen Innes, or Ashford. Our members have more than 31 years of combined experience working with outdoor tools and equipment, and we carry a range of lawnmowers that are ideal for customers of all kinds. We are always happy to recommend a product and are qualified to perform maintenance on all the items we sell. We also commit to keeping our prices affordable—which means you’ll be as pleased with the price of your new mower as you are with its performance. Call us today.

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How to Purchase High-Quality Outback Generators in Ashford, Guyra, or Warialda: A Guide

Spending time in the great outdoors can be a wonderful and soul-affirming experience, but it’s always nice to have access to electricity when you need it. After all, just because you’re taking some time away from the city doesn’t mean you should have to cope without any modern conveniences. Access to power is more than just a luxury—it’s also an essential part of staying safe and making sure you can always be reached in the event of an emergency back home. For these reasons, many people purchase outback generators in Ashford, Guyra, and Warialda before taking trips away from home.

Uses for Outback Generators in Guyra or the Surrounding Regions

Whether you live in Guyra, Ashford, or Warialda, outback generators can be extremely useful. Below are just a few potential uses for these valuable devices:

  • Providing light. There’s no need to limit yourself to just having a flashlight when you’re out on a camping trip. Bring a few lamps with you and use an outback generator to power them.
  • Generating heat. Not so good at rubbing sticks together to make fire? Forget your propane cylinder at home? Not to worry. You can use an outback generator to provide heat for an electric stove, allowing you to cook meat and other meals easily.
  • Powering your devices. An outback generator can provide you with the power you need to stay reachable if you need to call someone back home (or vice-versa). Put that old horror movie trope about running out of cell phone batteries in the woods completely out of your mind.

Considerations for Buying Ashford, Guyra, or Warialda Outback Generators


When you set out to purchase a generator, there are several features you should look out for to ensure that you will end up with a valuable product. At Posties Caravans, we’ve spent years helping our customers find outback generators that will meet their needs, and we know exactly what makes a generator satisfactory. Look for these characteristics as you shop for best results:

  • Fuel efficiency: does the generator you are going to buy use diesel or petrol as a fuel source? Diesel is more fuel-efficient, but petrol generators may be more appropriate for smaller power requirements.
  • Noise: how loud is the generator you’re thinking about buying? Ideally, you’ll want something with a decibel range in the low to mid-50s, so that you won’t be too distracted while you’re running it.
  • Affordability: is your generator going to provide you with a lot of value for your money? Most of our products are reasonably priced, but it is still essential to check and make sure that any generator you consider buying will be money well spent.
  • Durability: make sure you choose a generator with high-quality components so that you can count on it to perform well even when you’re in the midst of the outback.

Our professionals can help you find just what you need in an outback generator. For more information, contact us at your convenience to speak with someone on our team.

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Three Ways to Choose a Power Equipment Maintenance and Repair Service in Guyra, Warialda, Moree, or Glen Innes


If you have purchased power equipment of any kind for yourself in Moree, Warialda, Glen Innes, or Guyra, you’ll need a way to keep it in excellent condition. Whether you own a chainsaw, a pressure-cleaner, or a similar tool you’ll have to ensure that it is always ready to do the work for which you use it. One of the best ways to do so is by finding a company that can diagnose problems with your equipment and repair it as needed. If you are seeking a Moree, Guyra, Glen Innes, or Warialda power equipment service, it will be critical to select qualified professionals who are passionate about helping you keep your tools in excellent shape.

Tips for Finding Effective Power Equipment Maintenance in Guyra or the Surrounding Areas

It is easy to find a suitable power equipment maintenance solution in Guyra, Moree, Warialda, or Glen Innes when you know how to distinguish credible professionals. One excellent strategy is to use the same company that sold the equipment to you for repairs and regular service. The trick is to find a business that offers ongoing maintenance and repairs for the type of power equipment that it sells. Also, you should find a company that demonstrates the following strengths:

  • Clear communication. If you’re taking in a beloved tool for maintenance, you’ll want to see it in the hands of a professional who can tell you exactly what’s wrong with it and explain their work to you at every step.
  • Fair prices. Taking your equipment in for repairs should not force you to break the bank. In fact, you should find professionals who go above and beyond to make sure that their prices remain reasonable for all their work.
  • Choose a company whose members have spent years in their chosen professions, so that you will be able to trust any of the repair work you pay them to perform.

The Advantage to Choosing Posties

At Posties Caravans, we repair and service a wide range of power equipment. We also sell some of the finest products available in the areas around our location, which allows us to offer the Moree, Warialda, Guyra and Glen Innes areas power equipment and repair service. We are a proud dealer of well-known brands such as Dixon Mowers, Shindaiwa, Echo, Ariens, Gravely, Supa Swift, and Lifan Power products. We are also capable of servicing the following kinds of equipment, no matter what the make or model:

  • Push and ride-on mowers
  • Pressure cleaners
  • Brush-cutters
  • Chainsaws

Whether you intend to purchase new equipment for yourself or just need help near Moree with power equipment maintenance, our team can provide the assistance you need. Contact our professionals with over 31 years of combined experience at your first available opportunity and allow one of them to answer any questions you have. We’ll also be happy to schedule an appointment with you for power equipment maintenance or point you in the direction of any new products you need.

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Your Ideal Source for Campervan Repairs in Tenterfield


Having a campervan provides you with all kinds of opportunities to explore the outback in comfort. However, your caravan is likely to be less comfortable and convenient if one or more of the many systems inside it is not working correctly. If you want to make sure that your campervan is ready to hit the road and take you on vacation, look for a caravan repair centre that can provide you with fast and thorough service. Campervan repairs in Tenterfield will identify and solve problems with your campervan so that you can begin your trip with total confidence in the vehicle you’ll be driving and sleeping in during your journey.

Posties Caravans remains one of the most comprehensive providers of outdoor equipment and repair services in the Tenterfield area. We can perform a variety of repairs, including servicing of wheel bearings, brakes, plumbing, and fridge or aircon issues. We can also handle insurance claims for numerous caravan brands and deal with insurance claims arising from hail, wind, and water damage. Our customers come to us when they need a versatile caravan repair centre run by professionals who have years of experience and a friendly, trustworthy attitude.

Choosing your source for campervan repairs in Tenterfield can have a significant impact on your ability to keep your campervan in reliable condition. Ensure that you are always ready for adventure when you contact the pros working at Posties Caravans, and let one of our highly-informed members assist you in finding the help you need.

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